Jaime Sanchez Sanchez

Post doc at Materials and manufacture

Jaime S. Sanchez focuses his research on the synthesis and characterization of novel Graphene-based materials and similar 2-dimensional materials with metal oxides for their application in electrochemical energy storage.

The goal is to combine research initiatives with future applications relevance for industry in order to scale up solutions with 2D-Composites into future use. With that aim, Jaime is also interested in physico-chemical techniques to investigate surface morphology, chemical composition, structural and textural properties as well as electrochemical features of the synthesized materials.

Projects: 2D composites research at Chalmers; Graphene Flagship

Source: chalmers.se
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Electrophoretic coating of LiFePO4/Graphene oxide on carbon fibers as cathode electrodes for structural lithium ion batteries

Jaime Sanchez Sanchez, Johanna Xu, Zhenyuan Xia et al
Composites Science and Technology. Vol. 208
Journal article

Selective deposition of metal oxide nanoflakes on graphene electrodes to obtain high-performance asymmetric micro-supercapacitors

Zhenyuan Xia, Viktoriia Mishukova, Szymon Sollami Delekta et al
Nanoscale. Vol. 13 (5), p. 3285-3294
Journal article

Critical Role of Functional Groups Containing N, S, and O on Graphene Surface for Stable and Fast Charging Li-S Batteries

Jinhua Sun, Jang Yeon Hwang, Piotr Jankowski et al
Small. Vol. 17 (17)
Journal article

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2D composites research at Chalmers

Vincenzo Palermo Materials and manufacture
Zhenyuan Xia Industrial and Materials Science
Jaime Sanchez Sanchez Materials and manufacture
Jinhua Sun Materials and manufacture
The Chalmers University Foundation

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