Arun Kumar

Doctoral Student at Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems

As an industrial PhD student Arun Kumar, employed by Volvo Cars Group, focuses on the Unsteady Aerodynamics and its Influence on Vehicle Stability. The flow around a passenger vehicle consists of 3-D unsteady structures that can influence separation prone regions. Such complex flows can have significant impact on the aerodynamics forces. The goal is to find out the parameters that significantly deviate the results between computational simulation, wind-tunnel simulation and on-road tests. Also to reliably detect and predict the aerodynamic instabilities for on-road conditions. This project involves computational simulation, wind tunnel simulation and on-road tests.

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Analysis of Subjective Qualitative Judgement of Passenger Vehicle High Speed Drivability due to Aerodynamics

Arun Kumar, Simone Sebben, Erik Sallstrom et al
Energies. Vol. 12 (14)
Journal article

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Unsteady Aerodynamics and its Influence of Vehicle Stability

Simone Sebben Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
Arun Kumar Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
Bengt J H Jacobson Vehicle Engineering and Autonomous Systems
Swedish Energy Agency

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