Laura Fainsilber

Senior Lecturer at Algebra and geometry
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Exploring student teachers’ instrumental genesis of programming

Johanna Pejlare, Laura Fainsilber
Other conference contribution

Student teachers' learning and teaching mathematics with programming

Laura Fainsilber, Johanna Pejlare
Other conference contribution

Problem i coronatider

Laura Fainsilber
Nämnaren. Vol. 2020 (2), p. 63-64
Magazine article

Voices on learning and instruction in mathematics

Jonas Emanuelsson, Laura Fainsilber, Johan Häggström et al
Edited book

The Boltzmann equation on a two-dimensional lattice; theoretical and numerical results.

Laura Fainsilber, Pär Kurlberg, Bernt Wennberg
Bull. Inst. Math. Acad. Sin. (N.S.). Vol. 2 (2), p. 667--685.-
Paper in proceeding

Lattice points on circles and discrete velocity models for the Boltzmann equation

Laura Fainsilber, Pär Kurlberg, Bernt Wennberg
SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis. Vol. 37 (6), p. 1903-1922
Journal article

Ett funktionsrum

Laura Fainsilber
Nämnaren - Tidskrift för matematikundervisning. Vol. 2002 (2), p. 16-19
Magazine article

European Women in Mathematics -- Proceedings of the Eighth General Meeting

Laura Fainsilber, Catherine Hobbs
Edited book

An injectivity result for Hermitian forms over local orders

Laura Fainsilber, Jorge Morales
Illinois Journal of Mathematics. Vol. 43 (2), p. 391-402
Journal article

Non unimodular Hermitian forms

Laura Fainsilber, Eva Bayer-Fluckiger
Inventiones Mathematicae. Vol. 123, p. 233-240
Journal article

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