Ibai Lenitz Etxaburu

Doctoral Student at Industrial Biotechnology

Ibai Lenitz joined the Industrial Biotechnology Division as a PhD student in September 2019. His research focuses on understanding the regulation of study of tolerance-related genes in yeast for plant biomass conversion. The selected genes contribute to robustness against inhibitors found in lignocellulosic hydrolysates. In this project, the cutting-edge CRISPRi technology is used in order to modulate gene expression. CRISPRi technology allows one to regulate the expression genes in a reversible manner, without any sort of alterations to the sequence, which makes it a great tool for fine-tuning of gene expression levels. The obtained knowledge in this research will lead to a better understanding of how yeast responds to inhibitor-related stress and also contribute towards achieving a more efficient lignocellulose-based bioprocesses.

Source: chalmers.se
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A CRISPR activation and interference toolkit for industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain KE6-12

Elena Cámara, Ibai Lenitz Etxaburu, Yvonne Nygård
Scientific Reports. Vol. 10 (1)
Journal article

CRISPR interference technology for development of more tolerant industrial yeast strains (Milan)

Elena Cámara, Ibai Lenitz Etxaburu, Lisbeth Olsson et al
Conference poster

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CRISPRi for elucidating stress regulation in yeast

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Ibai Lenitz Etxaburu Industrial Biotechnology
Christoph Sebastian Börlin Systems and Synthetic Biology
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Swedish Research Council (VR)

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