Hoda Mashadi Fathali

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Counting the Number of Glutamate Molecules in Single Synaptic Vesicles

Yuanmo Wang, Hoda Mashadi Fathali, Devesh Mishra et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 141 (44), p. 17507-17511
Journal article

Monitoring the effect of osmotic stress on secretory vesicles and exocytosis

Hoda Mashadi Fathali, Johan Dunevall, Soodabeh Majdi et al
Journal of Visualized Experiments. Vol. 2018 (132)
Journal article

Amperometry methods for monitoring vesicular quantal size and regulation of exocytosis release

Hoda Mashadi Fathali, Ann-Sofie Cans
Pflugers Archiv European Journal of Physiology. Vol. 470 (1), p. 125-134
Review article

Extracellular Osmotic Stress Reduces the Vesicle Size while Keeping a Constant Neurotransmitter Concentration

Hoda Mashadi Fathali, Johan Dunevall, Soodabeh Majdi et al
ACS Chemical Neuroscience. Vol. 8 (2), p. 368-375
Journal article

The effect of alendronate on biomineralization at the bone/implant interface

Johan Karlsson, Anna Martinelli, Hoda Mashadi Fathali et al
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A. Vol. 104 (3), p. 620-629
Journal article

Quantitative Measurement of Transmitters in Individual Vesicles in the Cytoplasm of Single Cells with Nanotip Electrodes

Li Xianchan, Soodabeh Majdi, Johan Dunevall et al
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. Vol. 54 (41), p. 11978-11982
Journal article

Selected recent in vivo studies on chemical measurements in invertebrates

Soodabeh Majdi, Lin Ren, Hoda Mashadi Fathali et al
The Analyst. Vol. 140 (11), p. 3676-3686
Journal article

The Effect of Excited Fluorophore on Vesicle Fusion at the Surface of the Electrode

Neda Najafinobar, Johan Dunevall, Jelena Lovric et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 108 (2), p. 239A-239A
Other conference contribution

Characterizing the Catecholamine Content of Single Mammalian Vesicles by Collision-Adsorption Events at an Electrode

Johan Dunevall, Hoda Mashadi Fathali, Neda Najafinobar et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 137 (13), p. 4344-4346
Journal article

The Role of Dense Core Nanoparticles in Regulation of Neuronal Communication

Hoda Mashadi Fathali, Jacqueline Keighron, Ann-Sofie Cans
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 106 (2), p. 526A-526A
Magazine article

Improved QCM-D signal-to-noise ratio using mesoporous silica and titania

Maria Claesson, Akbar Ahmadi, Hoda Mashadi Fathali et al
Sensors and Actuators, B: Chemical. Vol. 166, p. 526-534
Journal article

In vivo biomechanical stability of osseointegrating mesoporous TiO2 implants

Johan Karlsson, Ryo Jimbo, Hoda Mashadi Fathali et al
Acta Biomaterialia. Vol. 8 (12), p. 4438-4446
Journal article

An in vitro evaluation of mesoporous titania implants

Hoda Mashadi Fathali, Martin Andersson
European Cells and Materials. Vol. 21 (SUPPL.1), p. 32-32
Journal article

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