David Nickel

Visiting Researcher at Industrial Biotechnology

David was educated at the TU Berlin and has a scientific background in bioprocess development, modelling and optimization. As a PhD student he investigates the impact of the lignocellulosic raw material characteristics on simultaneous saccharification and co-fermentations (SSCF) for bioethanol production. With modelling techniques he develops a framework based on sub-models of the bioethanol process to reveal the impact of raw materials on cell and process conditions. The developed sub-process models are used for optimization and control of SSCF processes. Furthermore, different process configurations are tested to improve ethanol yields and the overall robustness of the process.

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Multi-Scale Variability Analysis of Wheat Straw-Based Ethanol Biorefineries Identifies Bioprocess Designs Robust Against Process Input Variations

David Nickel, Rickard Fornell, Mathias Janssen et al
Frontiers in Energy Research. Vol. 8
Journal article

Seed culture pre-adaptation of Bacillus coagulans MA-13 improves lactic acid production in simultaneous saccharification and fermentation

Martina Aulitto, Salvatore Fusco, David Nickel et al
Biotechnology for Biofuels. Vol. 12
Journal article

Multi-scale uncertainty analysis – A tool to systematically consider variability in lignocellulosic bioethanol processes

David Nickel, Rickard Fornell, Mathias Janssen et al
Other conference contribution

Uncertainty analysis as a tool to consistently evaluate lignocellulosic bioethanol processes at different system scales

David Nickel, Rickard Fornell, Mathias Janssen et al
Other conference contribution

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Bioethanol from spruce and oatshells via High Gravity Multi-Feed SSF

Carl Johan Franzén Industrial Biotechnology
David Nickel Industrial Biotechnology
Swedish Energy Agency

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