Reza Ahmed Naghadeh

Post doc at GeoEngineering

Reza is a post doctoral researcher at the division of geology and geotechnics, research group Engineering geology and geotechnics. He is part of a research project, funded by FORMAS. In this project, the geomechanical issues related to high-speed (HS) railway lines, such as those planned in Sweden will be investigated. More in particular, a hydromechanical laboratory testing setup will be developed to test the evolving dynamic soil response under cyclic loading. The testing results will be employed to formulate a constitutive model of Scandinavian soils under HS railway tracks.


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Towards a methodology for the characterisation of the fabric of wet clays using X-ray scattering

Georgios Birmpilis, Reza Ahmadi-Naghadeh, Jelke Dijkstra
E3S Web of Conferences. Vol. 92
Paper in proceedings

Exponential Equation for Predicting Shear Strength Envelope of Unsaturated Soils

Reza Ahmadi-Naghadeh, Nabi Kartal Toker
International Journal of Geomechanics. Vol. 19 (7)
Journal article

Macroscopic interpretation of nano-scale scattering data in clay

Georgios Birmpilis, Reza Ahmadi-Naghadeh, Jelke Dijkstra
Geotechnique Letters. Vol. 9 (4), p. 355-360
Journal article

A New Isotropic Specimen Preparation Method from Slurry for both Saturated and Unsaturated Triaxial Testing of a Low-Plasticity Silt

Reza Ahmadi-Naghadeh, Nabi Kartal Toker
Geotechnical Testing Journal. Vol. 42 (4)
Journal article

Volume Change Measurement in Triaxial Tests by Monitoring Cell Fluid Volume Based on Viscoelastic Behavior of the Test Setup

Reza Ahmadi-Naghadeh, Nabi Kartal Toker
Geotechnical Testing Journal. Vol. 40 (4), p. 683-697
Journal article

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Towards High Quality Deep Soft Soil Samples

Jelke Dijkstra GeoEngineering
Reza Ahmadi-Naghadeh GeoEngineering
Georgios Birmpilis GeoEngineering
Swedish Transport Administration

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