Aida Kalantari

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Engineering Bacillus subtilis for production of 3-hydroxypropanoic acid

Abhroop Garg, C. Jers, Hee Jin Hwang et al
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Vol. 11
Journal article

Evolutionary Analysis of the Bacillus subtilis Genome Reveals New Genes Involved in Sporulation

Lei Shi, Abderahmane Derouiche, Santosh Pandit et al
Molecular Biology and Evolution. Vol. 37 (6), p. 1667-1678
Journal article

Production of 3-hydroxypropanoic acid from glycerol by metabolically engineered bacteria

C. Jers, Aida Kalantari, Abhroop Garg et al
Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Vol. 7 (MAY)
Review article

Conversion of Glycerol to 3-Hydroxypropanoic Acid by Genetically Engineered Bacillus subtilis

Aida Kalantari, Tao Chen, Boyang Ji et al
Frontiers in Microbiology. Vol. 8 (APR)
Journal article

Evolution and tinkering: what do a protein kinase, a transcriptional regulator and chromosome segregation/cell division proteins have in common?

Abderahmane Derouiche, Lei Shi, Aida Kalantari et al
Current Genetics. Vol. 62 (1), p. 67-70
Review article

Substrate Specificity of the Bacillus subtilis BY-Kinase PtkA Is Controlled by Alternative Activators: TkmA and SalA

Abderahmane Derouiche, Lei Shi, Aida Kalantari et al
Frontiers in Microbiology. Vol. 7 (SEP)
Journal article

Serine/threonine/tyrosine phosphorylation regulates DNA binding of bacterial transcriptional regulators

Aida Kalantari, Abderahmane Derouiche, Lei Shi et al
Microbiology. Vol. 161 (9), p. 1720-1729
Review article

Bacillus subtilisSalA is a phosphorylation-dependent transcription regulator that represses scoC and activates the production of the exoprotease AprE

Abderahmane Derouiche, Lei Shi, V. Bidnenko et al
Molecular Microbiology. Vol. 97 (6), p. 1195-1208
Journal article

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