Ali Davoodi

Doctoral Student at Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Product Development

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Effects of screen decks' aperture shapes and materials on screening efficiency

Ali Davoodi, M. Bengtsson, Erik Hulthén et al
Minerals Engineering. Vol. 139
Journal article

The effect of different aperture shape and material of screen deck on screening efficiency

Ali Davoodi, Magnus Evertsson, Erik Hulthén et al
Paper in proceedings

Analysis of Screening Performance using Discrete Element Modeling

Ali Davoodi, Magnus Evertsson, Erik Hulthén et al
Paper in proceedings

DEM simulation of banana screen performance

Ali Davoodi, Magnus Evertsson, Magnus Bengtsson et al
Proceedings, ;Minerals Engineerings Conference Physical Separation 2015 June 11-12..
Conference poster

DEM Modelling and Simulation of Banana Screen Classification Efficiency

Ali Davoodi, Johannes Quist, Erik Hulthén et al
Minerals Engineering
Conference poster

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Development of Simulation Capability and Advanced Process Models for Rock Material, Ore, and Mineral Production

Simon Grunditz Product Development
Erik Hulthén Product Development
Gauti Asbjörnsson Product Development
Magnus Evertsson Product Development
Anton Hjalmarsson Product Development
Ali Davoodi Product Development
Development Fund of the Swedish Construction Industry (SBUF)
Swedish Mineral Processing Research Association

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