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The influence of the molecular weight of the water-soluble polymer on phase-separated films for controlled release

Helene Andersson, Henrike Häbel, Anna Olsson et al
International Journal of Pharmaceutics. Vol. 511 (1), p. 223-235
Journal article

Characterization of pore structure of polymer blended films used for controlled drug release

Henrike Häbel, Helene Andersson, Anna Olsson et al
Journal of Controlled Release. Vol. 222, p. 151-158
Journal article

Novel Method for Visualizing Water Transport Through Phase-Separated Polymer Films

Anna Jansson, Catherine Boissier, M. Marucci et al
Microscopy and Microanalysis. Vol. 20 (2), p. 394-406
Journal article

Monitoring the osmotic response of single yeast cells through force measurement in the environmental scanning electron microscope

Anna Jansson, Alexandra Nafari, Kristina Hedfalk et al
Measurement Science and Technology. Vol. 25 (2), p. Art. no. 025901-
Journal article

Novel Method for Controlled Wetting of Materials in the Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope

Anna Jansson, Alexandra Nafari, Anke Sanz-Velasco et al
Microscopy and Microanalysis. Vol. 19 (1), p. 30-37
Journal article

Reduced transforming growth factor-beta1 production by mononuclear cells from patients with active chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

Per-Ola Andersson, Anna Olsson, Hans Wadenvik
British Journal of Haematology. Vol. 116 (4), p. 862-7
Journal article

Serum from patients with chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura frequently affect the platelet function.

Anna Olsson, Per-Ola Andersson, Lilian Tengborn et al
Thrombosis Research. Vol. 107 (3-4), p. 135-9
Journal article

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