Anna Johanson

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Respiratory Physiology of Lactococcus lactis in Chemostat Cultures and Its Effect on Cellular Robustness in Frozen and Freeze-Dried Starter Cultures

Anna Johanson, Anisha Goel, Lisbeth Olsson et al
Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Vol. 86 (6)
Journal article

Presence of galactose in precultures induces lacS and leads to short lag phase in lactose-grown Lactococcus lactis cultures

Bettina Lorantfy, Anna Johanson, Fábio Luis Da Silva Faria Oliveira et al
Journal of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology. Vol. 46 (1), p. 33-43
Journal article

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Characterisation of respiratory physiology and development of stress tolerance in Lactococccus lactis for high yield production of robust high-performance starter cultures

Carl Johan Franzén Industrial Biotechnology
Lisbeth Olsson Industrial Biotechnology
Anna Johanson Industrial Biotechnology
Innovation Fund Denmark

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