Alexandra Paul

Doktorand at Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemical Biology

Alexandra Paul is a PhD student in the Group of Molecular Microscopy working with non-linear microscopy to investigate cells in complex three-dimensional matrices. The main goal of her project is the development of a tissue-like in vitro drug testing model for obesity related diseases in cooperation with Astra Zeneca and Stanford University. The unique label-free and non-invasive non-linear microscopy techniques will be employed to study cell-matrix interactions in a soft and hydrated matrix and molecular dynamics on a single cell level.




Female Investigators in Nonlinear Optical Nanoscopy - FINON (FINON)

Pernilla Wittung Stafshede Chemical Biology
Alexandra Paul Molecular Imaging
Michael Stuhrenberg Molecular Imaging
European Commission (FP7)

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Micro- and nano-patterned elastin-like polypeptide hydrogels for stem cell culture

Alexandra Paul, Michael Stührenberg, Sharon Chen et al
Soft Matter
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Covalently Adaptable Elastin-Like Protein-Hyaluronic Acid (ELP-HA) Hybrid Hydrogels with Secondary Thermoresponsive Crosslinking for Injectable Stem Cell Delivery

H. Y. Wang, D. Q. Zhu, Alexandra Paul et al
Advanced Functional Materials. Vol. 27 (28)
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Increased Adipogenesis of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells on Polycaprolactone Fiber Matrices

C. Brannmark, Alexandra Paul, Diana Ribeiro et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 9 (11)
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed

Hybrid Elastin-like Polypeptide-Polyethylene Glycol (ELP-PEG) Hydrogels with Improved Transparency and Independent Control of Matrix Mechanics and Cell Ligand Density

H. Y. Wang, L. Cai, Alexandra Paul et al
Biomacromolecules. Vol. 15 (9), p. 3421-3428
Scientific journal article - peer reviewed