Alexandra Paul

Researcher at Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Chemical Biology

Alexandra Paul is a PhD student in the Group of Molecular Microscopy working with non-linear microscopy to investigate cells in complex three-dimensional matrices. The main goal of her project is the development of a tissue-like in vitro drug testing model for obesity related diseases in cooperation with Astra Zeneca and Stanford University. The unique label-free and non-invasive non-linear microscopy techniques will be employed to study cell-matrix interactions in a soft and hydrated matrix and molecular dynamics on a single cell level.


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Quantitative Mapping of Triacylglycerol Chain Length and Saturation Using Broadband CARS Microscopy

Alexandra Paul, Yujen Wang, Cecilia Brännmark et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 116 (12), p. 2346-2355
Journal article

Cell surface proteoglycan-mediated uptake and accumulation of the Alzheimer's disease peptide Aβ(1–42)

Emelie Vilhelmsson Wesén, Audrey Gallud, Alexandra Paul et al
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Biomembranes. Vol. 1860 (11), p. 2204-2214
Journal article

Tunable Control of Hydrogel Microstructure by Kinetic Competition between Self-Assembly and Crosslinking of Elastin-like Proteins

H. Y. Wang, Alexandra Paul, Duong Nguyen et al
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Vol. 10 (26), p. 21808-21815
Journal article

Antioxidant treatment induces reductive stress associated with mitochondrial dysfunction in adipocytes

Eduard Peris, Peter Micallef, Alexandra Paul et al
Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol. 294 (7), p. 2340-2352
Journal article

STK25 regulates oxidative capacity and metabolic efficiency in adipose tissue

Silva Sütt, Emmelie Cansby, Alexandra Paul et al
Journal of Endocrinology. Vol. 238 (3), p. 187-202
Journal article

Microstructured Elastomer-PEG Hydrogels via Kinetic Capture of Aqueous Liquid–Liquid Phase Separation

Hang Kuen Lau, Alexandra Paul, Ishnoor Sidhu et al
Advanced Science. Vol. 5 (6)
Journal article

CCN5/WISP2 and metabolic diseases

John R Grünberg, Johannes Elvin, Alexandra Paul et al
Journal of Cell Communication and Signaling. Vol. 12 (1), p. 309-318
Journal article

Micro- and nano-patterned elastin-like polypeptide hydrogels for stem cell culture

Alexandra Paul, Michael Stührenberg, Sharon Chen et al
Soft Matter. Vol. 13 (34), p. 5665-5675
Journal article

Mathematical modeling of white adipocyte exocytosis predicts adiponectin secretion and quantifies the rates of vesicle exo- and endocytosis

Cecilia Brännmark, William Lövfors, Ali M. Komai et al
Journal of Biological Chemistry. Vol. 292 (49), p. 20032-20043
Journal article

Covalently Adaptable Elastin-Like Protein-Hyaluronic Acid (ELP-HA) Hybrid Hydrogels with Secondary Thermoresponsive Crosslinking for Injectable Stem Cell Delivery

H. Y. Wang, D. Q. Zhu, Alexandra Paul et al
Advanced Materials for Optics and Electronics. Vol. 27 (28)
Journal article

Increased Adipogenesis of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells on Polycaprolactone Fiber Matrices

C. Brannmark, Alexandra Paul, Diana Ribeiro et al
PLoS ONE. Vol. 9 (11)
Journal article

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