Comparing lipid remodeling of brown adipose tissue, white adipose tissue, and liver after one-week high fat diet intervention with quantitative Raman microscopy
Journal article, 2023

Brown adipose tissue (BAT) consists of highly metabolically active adipocytes that catabolize nutrients to produce heat. Playing an active role in triacylglycerol (TAG) clearance, research has shown that dietary fatty acids can modulate the TAG chemistry deposition in BAT after weeks-long dietary intervention, similar to what has been shown in white adipose tissue (WAT). Our objective was to compare the influence of sustained, nonchronic dietary intervention (a 1-week interval) on WAT and interscapular BAT lipid metabolism and deposition in situ. We use quantitative, label-free chemical microscopy to show that 1 week of high fat diet (HFD) intervention results in dramatically larger lipid droplet (LD) growth in BAT (and liver) compared to LD growth in inguinal WAT (IWAT). Moreover, BAT showed lipid remodeling as increased unsaturated TAGs in LDs, resembling the dietary lipid composition, while WAT (and liver) did not show lipid remodeling on this time scale. Concurrently, expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism, particularly desaturases, was reduced in BAT and liver from HFD-fed mice after 1 week. Our data show that BAT lipid chemistry remodels exceptionally fast to dietary lipid intervention compared WAT, which further points towards a role in TAG clearance.



Raman spectroscopy


adipose tissue


Alexandra Paul

Chalmers, Life Sciences, Chemical Biology

The University of Texas at Austin

Belén Chanclón

University of Gothenburg

Cecilia Brännmark

University of Gothenburg

Pernilla Wittung Stafshede

Chalmers, Life Sciences, Chemical Biology

Charlotta S Olofsson

University of Gothenburg

Ingrid Wernstedt Asterholm

University of Gothenburg

Sapun H. Parekh

Max Planck Society

The University of Texas at Austin

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry

0730-2312 (ISSN) 1097-4644 (eISSN)

Vol. 124 3 382-395

The role of lipid droplets in neurodegeneration studied in cells using advanced microscopy

Swedish Research Council (VR) (2019-00682), 2019-07-01 -- 2022-06-30.

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Other Clinical Medicine

Food Science

Nutrition and Dietetics





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