Emilio Da Cruz Brandao

Artistic Teacher at Urban Design and Planning

Director of master’s programme Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability /MPDSD
Emilio is teacher, examiner and course responsible in several courses, mainly at the master’s programme Architecture and Planning Beyond Sustainability (MPDSD). He focuses on social sustainability, co-creation and participation, building on several years of architectural practice experience and engagement in Architects Without Borders (ASF-Sweden). Each year he also examines and supervises several masters theses within MPDSD.
Emilio also represents Chalmers at different collaborative and research projects such as Mellanrum, the platform Lärandets Torg in Hammarkullen Gothenburg - a project financed by the European Social Fund, research project Stitching the city: From micro-data to macro-views.

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Collaborative Pedagogy for Co-creation and Community Outreach: An Experience from Architectural Education in Social Inclusion Using the Miro Tool

Emilio Da Cruz Brandao, Marco Adelfio, Shea Hagy et al
Proceedings of the AHFE 2021 Virtual Conference on Human Dynamics for the Development of Contemporary Societies. Vol. 277, p. 118-126
Paper in proceeding

Piloting a collaborative data library of fine-grained data to support knowledge facilitation in architectural courses

Liane Thuvander, Cameron Green, Marco Adelfio et al
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. Vol. 588 (1.15-1.19)
Paper in proceeding

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Stitching the city: From micro-data to macro-views

Liane Thuvander Research - Architectural Theory and Method
Monica Billger Architectural theory and methods
Emilio Da Cruz Brandao Urban Design and Planning
Marco Adelfio Urban Design and Planning
The Swedish Foundation for International Cooperation in Research and Higher Education (STINT)


Lärandets torg Hammarkullen

Emilio Da Cruz Brandao Urban Design and Planning
Anna-Johanna Klasander Urban Design and Planning
European Commission (EC)

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