Guillermo Martinez Castilla

Doctoral Student at Energy Technology 2

Guillermo Martinez is a PhD student employed at the Division of Energy Technology. His work focuses on the development of dynamic models at both reactor and process levels. The work involves the investigation of optimal designs of the polygeneration reactor and process, focusing on the ability to meet a varying demand of the main production while providing a flexible mix of other renewable products.Guillermo holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from Technical University of Madrid and a MSc in Energy Engineering from Chalmers and the University of Iceland.


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A novel experimental method for determining lateral mixing of solids in fluidized beds – Quantification of the splash-zone contribution

Guillermo Martinez Castilla, Louise Lundberg, Anton Larsson et al
Powder Technology. Vol. 370, p. 96-103
Journal article

Operation of Carbon-Capture Integrated into Industrial Combined-Heat-and-Power Plants - Dependency on Hourly to Seasonal Load Changes

Guillermo Martinez Castilla, Max Biermann, Rubén Mocholí Montañés et al
Paper in proceedings

Integrating carbon capture into an industrial combined-heat-and-power plant: performance with hourly and seasonal load changes.

Guillermo Martinez Castilla, Max Biermann, Rubén Mocholí Montañés et al
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control. Vol. 82, p. 192-203
Journal article

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Cost-effective and flexible polygeneration units for maximised plant use

Guillermo Martinez Castilla Energy Technology 1
David Pallarès Energy Technology
Rubén Mocholí Montañés Energy Technology
Swedish Energy Agency

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