Cedrik Wiberg

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The electrochemical response of core-functionalized naphthalene Diimides (NDI) – a combined computational and experimental investigation

Cedrik Wiberg, Michael Busch, Lars Evenäs et al
Electrochimica Acta. Vol. 367
Journal article

Naphthalene diimides (NDI) in highly stable pH-neutral aqueous organic redox flow batteries

Cedrik Wiberg, Lars Evenäs, Michael Busch et al
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry. Vol. 896
Journal article

A Memristive Element Based on an Electrically Controlled Single-Molecule Reaction

Haipeng B. Li, Behabitu Ergette Tebikachew, Cedrik Wiberg et al
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. Vol. 59 (28), p. 11641-11646
Journal article

Dimerization of 9,10-anthraquinone-2,7-Disulfonic acid (AQDS)

Cedrik Wiberg, Thomas J. Carney, Fikile Brushett et al
Electrochimica Acta. Vol. 317, p. 478-485
Journal article

Electrochemical Evaluation of a Napthalene Diimide Derivative for Potential Application in Aqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries

Cedrik Wiberg, Francis Owusu, Ergang Wang et al
Energy Technology. Vol. 7 (11)
Journal article

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