Christos Agathokleous

Projektassistent at Electric Power Engineering

Christos Agathokleous is a project assistant at the division of Electric Power Engineering. His research interests focus on optimal operation of the smart grids and electricity markets. Christos is involved in a FED project (Fossil Free energy Districts), which aims to reduce energy consumption by establishing a local market place for electricity, heating and cooling and in m2M project (From micro to Mega-GRID), which aims to enhance the coordination between micro-grids and the distribution network.

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Stochastic Operation Scheduling Model for a Swedish Prosumer with PV and BESS in Nordic Day-Ahead Electricity Market

Christos Agathokleous, Anh Tuan Le, David Steen
2019 IEEE Milan PowerTech, PowerTech 2019
Paper in proceedings

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