Claudia de Andrade Schwerz

Doctoral Student at Materials and manufacture

Claudia de Andrade Schwerz works with additive manufacturing of metallic materials. Her focus is in laser powder bed fusion process control and quality assurance.
She graduated in Metallurgical Engineering in 2015 at Instituto Militar de Engenharia and worked in the aerospace industry before joining Chalmers in 2019.

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In-situ detection of redeposited spatter and its influence on the formation of internal flaws in laser powder bed fusion

Claudia de Andrade Schwerz, Ahmad Raza, Xiangyu Lei et al
Additive Manufacturing. Vol. 47
Journal article

Linking in situ melt pool monitoring to melt pool size distributions and internal flaws in laser powder bed fusion

Claudia de Andrade Schwerz, Lars Nyborg
Metals. Vol. 11 (11)
Journal article

Fatigue crack growth of electron beam melted TI-6AL-4V in high-pressure hydrogen

M. Neikter, Magnus Hörnqvist Colliander, Claudia de Andrade Schwerz et al
Materials. Vol. 13 (6)
Journal article

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Additive Manufacturing using Metal Pilot Line (MANUELA)

Terpsithea Ketegeni Chalmers, Research support
Claudia de Andrade Schwerz Materials and manufacture
Lars Nyborg Industrial and Materials Science
Abdul Shaafi Shaikh Materials and manufacture
Fiona Schulz Materials and manufacture
European Commission (EC)

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