Tobias Eidevåg

Doctoral Student at Chemical Technology

Tobias Eidev├ąg is an industrial Ph.D. student from Volvo Cars. His research aims to investigate snow adhesion on exterior vehicle surfaces. By deepening the knowledge about snow and ice adhesion it is possible to predict snow accumulation on sensitive sensors such as radars, camera lenses and lidars. The goal is to develop simulation models that couples aerodynamics with snow/ice particles to predict the accumulation of snow on vehicle surfaces. Both experimental studies and simulations such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and DEM (Discrete Element Method) are used to attain this goal.

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Angle of repose of snow: An experimental study on cohesive properties

Tobias Eidevåg, Erik S Thomson, David Kallin et al
Cold Regions Science and Technology. Vol. 194
Journal article

Collisional damping of spherical ice particles

Tobias Eidevåg, Erik S Thomson, Sofia Sollén et al
Powder Technology. Vol. 383, p. 318-327
Journal article

Modeling of dry snow adhesion during normal impact with surfaces

Tobias Eidevåg, Per Abrahamsson, Matthias Eng et al
Powder Technology. Vol. 361, p. 1081-1092
Journal article

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