Ellen Hedrén

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In vitro accessibility and intake of Β-carotene from cooked freen leafy vegetables and their estimated contribution to vitamin A requirements

Generose Mulokozi, Ellen Hedrén, Ulf Svanberg
Plant Foods Hum Nutr. Vol. 59 (1), p. 1-9
Journal article

Effect of cell wall degrading enzymes on in vitro carotene accessibility in lactic acid fermented carrot beverage

V Diaz, Ellen Hedrén, Ulf Svanberg et al
J Food Sci. Vol. 69 (2), p. 79-84
Journal article

In vitro accessibility of carotenes from green leafy vegetables cooked with sunflower oil or red palm oil

Ellen Hedrén, Generose Ishengoma Mulokozi, Ulf Svanberg
International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition. Vol. 53, p. 445-453
Journal article

Estimation of carotenoid accessibility from carrots determined by an in vitro digestion method

Ellen Hedrén, V Diaz, Ulf Svanberg
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vol. 56, p. 425-430
Journal article

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