Emma Holtz

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Challenges for lean thinking in food waste recycling management in a Swedish supply chain

Martin Kurdve, Mats Johansson, Emma Holtz et al
PLAN's Forsknings- och Utvecklingskonferens 2019
Paper in proceeding

Application of Microwave Technology in Food Preservation and Processing

Birgitta Wäppling-Raaholt, Sven Isaksson, Emma Holtz et al
Conventional and Advanced Food Processing Technologies, p. 437-470
Book chapter

Combined convective and microwave assisted drying: Experiments and modelling

Loredana Malafronte, G. Lamberti, A.A. Barba et al
Journal of Food Engineering. Vol. 112 (4), p. 304-312
Journal article

The influence of dielectric and sorption properties on drying behaviour and energy efficiency during microwave convective drying of selected food and non-food inorganic materials

Emma Holtz, Lilia Ahrné, M. Rittenauer et al
Journal of Food Engineering. Vol. 97 (2), p. 142-153
Journal article

The role of processing parameters on energy efficiency during microwave convective drying of porous materials.

Emma Holtz, Lilia Ahrné, T. H. Karlsson et al
Drying Technology. Vol. 27 (2), p. 173-185
Journal article

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