Eva Simonsen

Doktorand at Chalmers, Industrial and Materials Science, Design and Human Factors

Ph.D student A safe operation is an objective for many organizations, and especially for high-risk industries like nuclear power plants. The operation performance is dependent on the performance of the persons executing operation activities, i.e. the operators. The information and control necessary for operation activities are often centralized to a control room, and operator performance is dependent on the design of the control room. When control rooms are being built or modified it is highly important that they support the operator’s activities to achieve a safe operation, thus is it important to evaluate control rooms from a human factors point of view with a focus on safety. The purpose of Eva’s research is to further develop the knowledge about methods to evaluate existing, modified and new control rooms for process control, primarily with focus on safe operation but also performance and well-being.

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Operator Safety Issues of Control Room Designs

Anna-Lisa Osvalder Design and Human Factors
Eva Simonsen Design and Human Factors
The Swedish Radiation Safety authority (SSM)


SADE: Safety culture in desing - improving resilience throughout the life-cycle of nuclear power plant

Anna-Lisa Osvalder Design and Human Factors
Eva Simonsen Design and Human Factors
NKS Sekretariatet

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Categories of measures to guide choice of human factors methods for nuclear power plant control room evaluation

Eva Simonsen, Anna-Lisa Osvalder
Safety Science. Vol. 102, p. 101-109
Journal article

Ergonomics activities in the product development process

Eva Simonsen, Lars-Ola Bligård, Cecilia Berlin
Paper in proceedings

A comparison of human factors evaluation approaches for nuclear power plant control room assessment and their relation to levels of design decision specificity

Eva Simonsen
NES 2017 Conference Proceedings; A-L. Osvalder, M. Blomé, and H. Bodnar (Eds.), 20-23 August, Lund., p. 405-414
Conference contribution

Using the ACD3-ladder to manage multi-phase requirements on end-user products

Lars-Ola Bligård, Eva Simonsen, Cecilia Berlin
21st International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED 2017, Vancouver, Canada, 21-25 August 2017. Vol. 4 (DS87-4), p. 425-434
Paper in proceedings

ACD³ - a new framework for activity-centered design

Eva Simonsen, Cecilia Berlin, Lars-Ola Bligård
Proceedings of NordDesign, NordDesign 2016. Vol. 2
Paper in proceedings

Aspects of the nuclear power plant control room system contributing to safe operation

Anna-Lisa Osvalder, Eva Simonsen
Procedia Manufacturing. Vol. 3, p. 1248-1255
Paper in proceedings

Requirements on Human Factors Methods for Evaluating Safety in Future Nuclear Power Plant Control Rooms

Håkan Alm, Anna-Lisa Osvalder, Eva Simonsen
Enlarged Halden Programme Group Meeting - Proceedings of the Man-Technology-Organisation (MTO) Sessions; 10-15 Mars, 2013, Storefjell, Norge.. Vol. HPR-379, vol. 1, C2.4
Paper in proceedings