Anders Foller Füchtbauer

at University of Gothenburg, Department of Chemistry

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Interbase FRET in RNA: from A to Z

Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Moa Sandberg Wranne, Mattias Bood et al
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 47 (19), p. 9990-9997
Journal article

Pentacyclic adenine: A versatile and exceptionally bright fluorescent DNA base analogue

Mattias Bood, Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Moa Sandberg Wranne et al
Chemical Science. Vol. 9 (14), p. 3494-3502
Journal article

Synthesis, oligonucleotide incorporation and fluorescence properties in DNA of a bicyclic thymine analogue

Christopher Lawson, Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Moa Sandberg Wranne et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 8 (1)
Journal article

Pulse-shaped two-photon excitation of a fluorescent base analogue approaches single-molecule sensitivity

Rachel S. Fisher, David Nobis, Anders Foller Füchtbauer et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 20 (45), p. 28487-28498
Journal article

Fluorescent RNA cytosine analogue-an internal probe for detailed structure and dynamics investigations

Anders Foller Füchtbauer, S. Preus, Karl Börjesson et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 7 (1)
Journal article

Toward Complete Sequence Flexibility of Nucleic Acid Base Analogue FRET

Moa Sandberg Wranne, Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Blaise Dumat et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 139 (27), p. 9271-9280
Journal article

Studying Z-DNA and B-to Z-DNA transitions using a cytosine analogue FRET-pair

Blaise Dumat, Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Marcus Wilhelmsson
Nucleic Acids Research. Vol. 44 (11)
Journal article

Development of bright fluorescent quadracyclic adenine analogues: TDDFT-calculation supported rational design

Anders Foller Füchtbauer, Blaise Dumat, Moa Sandberg Wranne et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 5, p. art. no. 12653-
Journal article

Second-Generation Fluorescent Quadracyclic Adenine Analogues: Environment-Responsive Probes with Enhanced Brightness

Blaise Dumat, Mattias Bood, Moa Sandberg Wranne et al
Chemistry - A European Journal. Vol. 21 (10), p. 4039-4048
Journal article

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