Francesco Coslovich

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Added resistance, heave and pitch for the KVLCC2 tanker using a fully nonlinear unsteady potential flow boundary element method

Francesco Coslovich, Martin Kjellberg, Magnus Östberg et al
Ocean Engineering. Vol. 229
Journal article

Prediction of Parametric Rolling for a Container Ship in Regular and Irregular Waves Using a Fully Nonlinear Time Domain Potential Flow Method

Francesco Coslovich, Carl-Erik Janson, Martin Kjellberg
8th International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering, MARINE 2019, p. 646- 657
Paper in proceeding

Fully non-linear potential flow method for multiple floating bodies in confined waters

Francesco Coslovich, Magnus Östberg, Leif Broberg
RINA, Royal Institution of Naval Architects - 6th International Conference on Ship and Offshore Technology, Papers, p. 57-64
Paper in proceeding

Computations of roll motion in waves using a fully nonlinear potential flow method

Francesco Coslovich, Giorgio Contento, Martin Kjellberg et al
NAV International Conference on Ship and Shipping Research, p. 186-193
Paper in proceeding

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Ship Motions and Added Resistance in Oblique Waves

Carl-Erik Janson Marine Technology
Arash Eslamdoost Marine Technology
Francesco Coslovich Marine Technology

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