Martí Gutierrez Latorre

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Geometric scaling of two-level-system loss in superconducting resonators

David Niepce, Jonathan Burnett, Martí Gutierrez Latorre et al
Superconductor Science and Technology. Vol. 33 (2)
Journal article

High porosity and light weight graphene foam heat sink and phase change material container for thermal management

Abdelhafid Zehri, Majid Kabiri Samani, Martí Gutierrez Latorre et al
Nanotechnology. Vol. 31 (42)
Journal article

Chip-based superconducting traps for levitation of micrometer-sized particles in the Meissner state

Martí Gutierrez Latorre, Joachim Hofer, Matthias Rudolph et al
Superconductor Science and Technology. Vol. 33 (10)
Journal article

Mechanical property and reliability of bimodal nano-silver paste with Ag-coated SiC particles

Q. Zhang, Abdelhafid Zehri, Jiawen Liu et al
Soldering and Surface Mount Technology. Vol. 31 (4), p. 193-202
Journal article

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