Victor Gray

Forskare at Chalmers, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Victor Gray is a Post Doc for Jerker Mårtensson at the division of Organic Chemistry. In collaboration with groups at the Physical Chemistry and Polymer Chemistry divisions Victor will develop systems capable of up- or downconverting photons. Photon upconversion means that two low energy photons can be fused into one high energy photon. This means that some photochemical and photophysical processes, which otherwise require high energy light (UV), could be run with sunlight. Down conversion on the other hand means that one high energy photon can generate two photons or charge carriers. Both up- and downconversion can improve the efficiencies in solar cells.




Singlet and triplet energy transfer dynamics in self-assembled axial porphyrin-anthracene complexes: Towards supra-molecular structures for photon upconversion

Victor Gray, Betül Kücüköz, Fredrik Edhborg et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 20 (11), p. 7549-7558
Journal article

Loss channels in triplet-triplet annihilation photon upconversion: importance of annihilator singlet and triplet surface shapes

Victor Gray, Ambra Dreos, Paul Erhart et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 19 (17), p. 10931-10939
Journal article

CdS/ZnS core-shell nanocrystal photosensitizers for visible to UV upconversion

Victor Gray, P. Xia, Z. Y. Huang et al
Chemical Science. Vol. 8 (8), p. 5488-5496
Journal article

Intramolecular Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Upconversion in 9,10-Diphenylanthracene Oligomers and Dendrimers

Damir Dzebo, Karl Börjesson, Victor Gray et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 120 (41), p. 23397-23406
Journal article

Tuning the photochemical properties of the fulvalene-tetracarbonyl-diruthenium system

Anders Lennartsson, Angelica Lundin, Karl Börjesson et al
Dalton Transactions. Vol. 45 (21), p. 8740-8744
Journal article

Porphyrin-Anthracene Complexes: Potential in Triplet-Triplet Annihilation Upconversion

Victor Gray, Karl Börjesson, Damir Dzebo et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry C. Vol. 120 (34), p. 19018-19026
Journal article

Photon upconversion with directed emission

Karl Börjesson, Per Rudquist, Victor Gray et al
Nature Communications. Vol. 7, p. artikel nr 12689-
Journal article

Molekyl lagring af solenergi eller kunsten at lagre lidt forårs-sol til vinteren

Anders Lennartsson, Victor Gray, Kasper Moth-Poulsen
Dansk Kemi. Vol. 2015 (8), p. 22-25
Magazine article

Photophysical characterization of the 9,10-disubstituted anthracene chromophore and its applications in triplet-triplet annihilation photon upconversion

Victor Gray, Damir Dzebo, Angelica Lundin et al
Journal of Materials Chemistry C. Vol. 3 (42), p. 11111-11121
Journal article

Molekylär lagring av solenergi eller konsten att spara lite vårsol till vintern

Anders Lennartsson, Victor Gray, Kasper Moth-Poulsen
Kemivärlden. Vol. 2015 (3), p. 19-20
Magazine article

Photon up-conversion and molecular solar thermal energy storage: New materials and devices

Karl Börjesson, Anders Lennartsson, Victor Gray et al
2014 IEEE Photonics Conference, IPC 2014, p. 445-446
Paper in proceedings

Triplet-triplet annihilation photon-upconversion: Towards solar energy applications

Victor Gray, Damir Dzebo, Maria Abrahamsson et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 16 (22), p. 10345-10352
Journal article

Exploring the Potential of Fulvalene Dimetals as Platforms for Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage: Computations, Syntheses, Structures, Kinetics, and Catalysis

Karl Börjesson, D. Coso, Victor Gray et al
Chemistry - A European Journal. Vol. 20 (47), p. 15587-15604
Journal article

Diaryl-substituted norbornadienes with red-shifted absorption for molecular solar thermal energy storage

Victor Gray, Anders Lennartsson, P. Ratanalert et al
Chemical Communications. Vol. 50 (40), p. 5330-5332
Journal article

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Photon Fission & Fusion: Beyond the Limits of Conventional Solar Energy Technologies

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Duncan Kushnir Environmental Systems Analysis
Damir Dzebo Physical Chemistry
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Jerker Mårtensson Organic Chemistry
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