Photon Fission & Fusion: Beyond the Limits of Conventional Solar Energy Technologies
Research Project , 2013 – 2015

The aim is to develop new technology that drastically increases the possibility to exploit the full energy spectrum of sunlight, applicable to existing and future solar energy technology. With preserved efficiency, the required sunlit area might be reduced by more than 50% by this technology, i.e. doubled efficiency. Two new light absorbing dye systems will be developed and adapted to existing solar technologies for electricity and fuel production. One dye system will enable the utilization of the surplus energy of the energy rich sunlight (blue end of the spectrum) that in existing technology is wasted as heat. The other dye system converts sunlight of too low energy (red end of the spectrum) to be able to contribute to the fuel or power production in today’s devices into a useful feedstock. Thus, the project addresses the two major bottlenecks of today’s solar energy technologies and will enable optimal utilization of all wavelengths of the solar spectrum.


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