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Interconnectivity imaged in three dimensions: Nano-particulate silica-hydrogel structure revealed using electron tomography

Charlotte Hamngren Blomqvist, Tobias Gebäck, A. Altskär et al
Micron. Vol. 100, p. 91-105
Journal article

From static micrographs to particle aggregation dynamics in three dimensions

Henrike Häbel, Aila Särkkä, Mats Rudemo et al
Journal of Microscopy. Vol. 262 (1), p. 102-111
Journal article

Pore size effects on convective flow and diffusion through nanoporous silica gels

Charlotte Hamngren Blomqvist, Christoffer Abrahamsson, Tobias Gebäck et al
Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects. Vol. 484, p. 288-296
Journal article

Estimation of mass thickness response of embedded aggregated silica nanospheres from high angle annular dark-field scanning transmission electron micrographs

Matias Nordin, Christoffer Abrahamsson, Charlotte Hamngren Blomqvist et al
Journal of Microscopy. Vol. 253 (2), p. 166-170
Journal article

A Single-Cell Study of a Highly Effective Hog1 Inhibitor for in Situ Yeast Cell Manipulation

Charlotte Hamngren Blomqvist, Peter Dinér, Morten Grötli et al
Micromachines. Vol. 5 (1), p. 81-96
Journal article

Design and evaluation of a microfluidic system for inhibition studies of yeast cell signaling

Charlotte Hamngren Blomqvist, Peter Dinér, Morten Grötli et al
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. Vol. 8458
Paper in proceedings

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Material structures seen through microscopes and statistics

Aila Särkkä Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Charlotte Hamngren Blomqvist Eva Olsson Group
Mats Rudemo Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Cecilia Fager Eva Olsson Group
Sandra Eriksson Barman Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Eva Olsson Eva Olsson Group
Holger Rootzen Applied Mathematics and Statistics
David Bolin Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Marco Longfils Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Niklas Lorén Eva Olsson Group
Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF)

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