Jan Holmström

Gästprofessor at Chalmers, Technology Management and Economics, Supply and Operations Management

Jan Holmström is professor in Operations Management at Aalto University and a visiting professor at the Division of Supply and Operations Management.

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Digital product fitting in retail supply chains

Emmelie Gustafsson, Patrik Jonsson, Jan Holmström
Proceedings of the Nofoma conference 2017
Paper in proceedings

Information sharing for sales and operations planning: Contextualized solutions and mechanisms

Riikka Kaipia, Jan Holmström, Johanna Småros et al
Journal of Operations Management. Vol. 52, p. 15-29
Journal article

Future of supply chain planning: Closing the gaps between practice and promise

Patrik Jonsson, Jan Holmström
International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management. Vol. 46 (1), p. 62-81
Journal article

Effects of combining product-centric control and direct digital manufacturing: The case of preparing customized hose assembly kits

Jouni Lyly-Yrjänäinena, Jan Holmström, Mats Johansson et al
Computers in Industry. Vol. 82, p. 82-94
Journal article

The efficiency potential of ICT in haulier operations

Henrik Sternberg, G. Prockl, Jan Holmström
Computers in Industry. Vol. 65 (8), p. 1161-1168
Journal article

Collaborative tracking and tracing: the value of a composite design

Vahid Mirza Beiki, Jan Holmström, K. Framling
International Journal of Logistics Management. Vol. 25 (3), p. 522-536
Journal article

In-transit services and hybrid shipment control: The use of smart goods in transportation networks

Per-Olof Arnäs, Jan Holmström, Joakim Kalantari
Tramsportation Research, Part C: Emerging Technologies. Vol. 36, p. 231-244
Journal article

Viewing SCM as Technology: Implications for Research & Practice

Arni Halldorsson, Jan Holmström
Book of Abstracts - Proceedings of the 25th Nofoma conference June 2013
Conference contribution

Smarta sändningar blir smarta gränssnitt

Per-Olof Arnäs, Jan Holmström, Joakim Kalantari
Magazine article

Aligning Organisational Interests in Designing Rail-wagon Tracking

Vahid Mirza Beiki, Jan Holmström, Per Sjöholm
Operations Management Research. Vol. 5 (3-4), p. 101-115
Journal article

Collaborative Tracking: The Vaue of A Composite Design

Vahid Mirza Beiki, Jan Holmström, Kary Främling
Proceedings of Nofoma conference, Naantali, Finland, p. 634-648
Paper in proceedings

ICT in Road Transport Operations

Henrik Sternberg, Günter Prockl, Jan Holmström
Conference Proceedings of Nofoma 2011
Paper in proceedings

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Digital model-driven physical retail and supply chain management (DM-Retail)

Patrik Jonsson Supply and Operations Management
Arni Halldorsson Service Management and Logistics
Emmelie Gustafsson Supply and Operations Management
Jan Holmström Supply and Operations Management
The Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council


Sustainable supply chain planning strategies

Patrik Jonsson Logistics & Transportation
Mats Johansson Logistics & Transportation
Paulina Myrelid Logistics & Transportation
Carl Wänström Logistics & Transportation
Arni Halldorsson Logistics & Transportation
Jan Holmström Supply and Operations Management
Lars Medbo Supply and Operations Management
Logistik- och transport stiftelsen LTS

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