Ida Östergren

Doktorand at Christian Müller Group

Ida Holm is a PhD student at Applied Chemistry since 2017. Her research focuses on development and processing of polymer-nanocomposites for 3D-printing. It is an interdisciplinary project with a long-term goal to develop scalable and cheap H2 and NO2 sensor device.


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All-Polymer Conducting Fibers and 3D Prints via Melt Processing and Templated Polymerization

Anna Hofmann, Ida Östergren, Youngseok Kim et al
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Vol. 12 (7), p. 8713-8721
Journal article

Dynamic Nanocellulose Networks for Thermoset-like yet Recyclable Plastics with a High Melt Stiffness and Creep Resistance

Anna Peterson, Ida Östergren, Antiope Lotsari et al
Biomacromolecules. Vol. 20 (10), p. 3924-3932
Journal article

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