Yang Jiao

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Screening nature of the van der Waals density functional method: A review and analysis of the many-body physics foundation

Per Hyldgaard, Yang Jiao, Vivekanand Shukla
Journal of Physics Condensed Matter. Vol. 32, p. 393001-
Review article

Signatures of van der Waals binding: A coupling-constant scaling analysis

Yang Jiao, Elsebeth Schröder, Per Hyldgaard
Physical Review B. Vol. 97 (8)
Journal article

Extent of Fock-exchange mixing for a hybrid van der Waals density functional?

Yang Jiao, Elsebeth Schröder, Per Hyldgaard
Journal of Chemical Physics. Vol. 148 (19)
Journal article

First-principles study of the binding energy between nanostructures and its scaling with system size

Jianmin Tao, Yang Jiao, Yuxiang Mo et al
Physical Review B. Vol. 97 (15)
Journal article

Understanding noninvasive charge transfer doping of graphene: a comparative study

Ankit Nalin Mehta, Wei Mu, Murali Murugesan et al
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics. Vol. 29 (7), p. 5239-5252
Journal article

Assessment of two hybrid van der Waals density functionals for covalent and non-covalent binding of molecules

Kristian Berland, Yang Jiao, J. H. Lee et al
Journal of Chemical Physics. Vol. 146 (23)
Journal article

Schottky barrier formation and band bending revealed by first- principles calculations

Yang Jiao, Anders Hellman, Yurui Fang et al
Scientific Reports. Vol. 5, p. Art. no. 11374-
Journal article

Plasmon Enhanced Internal Photoemission in Antenna-Spacer-Mirror Based Au/TiO2 Nanostructures

Yurui Fang, Yang Jiao, Kunli Xiong et al
Nano Letters. Vol. 15 (6), p. 4059-4065
Journal article

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