Joel Magnusson

Doktorand at Chalmers University of Technology, Physics, Theoretical Physics



Energy partitioning and electron momentum distributions in intense laser-solid interactions

Joel Magnusson, Arkady Gonoskov, Mattias Marklund
European Physical Journal D. Vol. 71 (9)
Journal article

Manipulation of laser-accelerated proton beam profiles by nanostructured and microstructured targets

L. Giuffrida, Krister Svensson, J. Psikal et al
Physical Review Accelerators and Beams. Vol. 20 (8), p. 081301-
Journal article

Nano and micro structured targets to modulate the spatial profile of laser driven proton beams

L. Giuffrida, Krister Svensson, J. Psikal et al
Journal of Instrumentation. Vol. 12 (3), p. article no C03040 -
Paper in proceedings

GGLAND - command line simulations

Håkan T Johansson, Ronja Thies, Stefan Buller et al
GSI Scientific Report 2013. Vol. 2014-1, p. 154-
Magazine article

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