Johannes Berglind Söderqvist

Doctoral Student at Innovation and R&D Management

Johannes Berglind Söderqvist is a PhD Student at the Division of Innovation and R&D Management, at the Department of Technology Management and Economics.


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Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water - Agile transformation from the trenches

Johannes Berglind Söderqvist, Ludvig Lindlöf, Lars Trygg et al
Conference contribution

Inter-team coordination in agile development: Learning from non-software contexts

Johannes Berglind Söderqvist, Ludvig Lindlöf, Lars Trygg
Conference poster

How to enable leadership among self-organizing developers

Johannes Berglind Söderqvist, Simone Spiegler
Conference contribution

Self-organization of the product and organization relationship – A processual perspective on the mirroring hypothesis

Johannes Berglind Söderqvist, Ludvig Lindlöf, Rashina Hoda
Paper in proceedings

Categorizing communication needs based on R&D team characteristics - a study of visual planning

Johannes Berglind Söderqvist, Ludvig Lindlöf
R&D Management Conference 2016, Cambridge, UK
Paper in proceedings

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Adaptivt ledarskap för ökad innovationsförmåga - org. förutsättningar för självorganiserade team

Johannes Berglind Söderqvist Innovation and R&D Management
Ludvig Lindlöf Innovation and R&D Management
Lars Trygg Innovation and R&D Management

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