Johannes Borgqvist

Doctoral Student at Applied Mathematics and Statistics

The aim of my work is to describe the biological aspects of aging using mathematical modelling. Therefore, I work in close collaboration with biologists that conducts experiments on baker’s yeast (which is an organism that also undergoes aging in a manner similar to that of human beings!). Subsequently, I use the generated data in order to construct mathematical models of the biological system in question in order to predict future outcomes of new experiments. Eventually, the overall aim is to understand the underlying mechanisms behind the complicated phenomena of aging.


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Synergistic effects of repair, resilience and retention of damage determine the conditions for replicative ageing

Johannes Borgqvist, Niek Welkenhuysen, Marija Cvijovic
Scientific Reports. Vol. 10 (1)
Journal article

Single-cell study links metabolism with nutrient signaling and reveals sources of variability

Niek Welkenhuysen, Johannes Borgqvist, M. Backman et al
BMC Systems Biology. Vol. 11 (1), p. Article Number: 59-
Journal article

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