Johannes Borgqvist

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Cell polarisation in a bulk-surface model can be driven by both classic and non-classic Turing instability

Johannes Borgqvist, Adam Malik, Carl Lundholm et al
npj Systems Biology and Applications. Vol. 7 (1)
Journal article

The synergy of damage repair and retention promotes rejuvenation and prolongs healthy lifespans in cell lineages

Barbara Maria Schnitzer, Johannes Borgqvist, Marija Cvijovic
PLoS Computational Biology. Vol. 16 (10)
Journal article

Synergistic effects of repair, resilience and retention of damage determine the conditions for replicative ageing

Johannes Borgqvist, Niek Welkenhuysen, Marija Cvijovic
Scientific Reports. Vol. 10 (1)
Journal article

Symmetry structures in dynamic models of biochemical systems

Fredrik Ohlsson, Johannes Borgqvist, Marija Cvijovic
Journal of the Royal Society Interface. Vol. 17 (168)
Journal article

Systems biology of aging

Johannes Borgqvist, Riccardo Dainese, Marija Cvijovic
Systems Biology, p. 262-283
Book chapter

Single-cell study links metabolism with nutrient signaling and reveals sources of variability

Niek Welkenhuysen, Johannes Borgqvist, M. Backman et al
BMC Systems Biology. Vol. 11 (1), p. Article Number: 59-
Journal article

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