Anton Klintberg

Doktorand at Electrical Engineering, Reglerteknik, automation och mekatronik, Automatic Control

Anton Klintberg is a PhD student in the automatik control group. Supervised by Torsten Wik he will be part of a project concerning adaptive control of batteries.




Effektivare och skonsammare användning av litiumjonbatterier genom adaptiv modellering

Torsten Wik Automatic Control
Anton Klintberg Automatic Control
Swedish Energy Agency

There might be more projects where Anton Klintberg participates, but you have to be logged in as a Chalmers employee to see them.



Theoretical bounds on the accuracy of state and parameter estimation for batteries

Torsten Wik, Anton Klintberg, B. Fridholm
American Control Conference, p. 4035-4041
Paper in proceedings

Cramér-Rao Lower Bounds for Battery Estimation

Björn Fridholm, Anton Klintberg, Torsten Wik
Conference contribution