Keikhosro Karimi

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Improvement of ethanol production from birch and spruce pretreated with 1-H-3-methylmorpholinium chloride

Marzieh Mohamadi, Marzieh Shafiei, Keikhosro Karimi et al
Electronic Journal of Biotechnology. Vol. 41, p. 95-99
Journal article

A morpholinium ionic liquid for rice straw pretreatment to enhance ethanol production

Marzieh Mohamadi, Marzieh Shafiei, Amir Abdolmaleki et al
Industrial Crops and Products. Vol. 139
Journal article

Ethanol production from alkali-pretreated oil palm empty fruit bunch by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation with mucor indicus

Abdi Christia, Arima Setowati, Ria Millati et al
International Journal of Green Energy. Vol. 13 (6), p. 566-572
Journal article

Enhancement of ethanol and biogas production from high-crystalline cellulose by different modes of NMMO pretreatment

Azam Jeihanipour, Keikhosro Karimi, Mohammad Taherzadeh Esfahani
Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Vol. 105 (3), p. 469-476
Journal article

Alkaline Pretreatment of Spruce and Birch to Improve Bioethanol and Biogas Production

K. Mirahmadi, M. M. Kabir, Azam Jeihanipour et al
BioResources. Vol. 5 (2), p. 928-938
Journal article

Effects of different growth forms of Mucor indicus on cultivation on dilute-acid lignocellulosic hydrolyzate, inhibitor tolerance, and cell wall composition

Patrik R Lennartsson, Keikhosro Karimi, Lars Edebo et al
Journal of Biotechnology. Vol. 143 (4), p. 255-261
Journal article

Ethanol production from lignocellulose by the dimorphic fungus Mucor indicus

Patrik R Lennartsson, Keikhosro Karimi, Lars Edebo et al
World Bioenergy. Jönköping, Sweden, 27-29 May, 2008
Other conference contribution

Continuous fermentation of wheat-supplemented lignocellulose hydrolysate with different types of cell retention

Tomas Brandberg, Keikhosro Karimi, Mohammad Taherzadeh Esfahani et al
Biotech. Bioeng.. Vol. 98 (1), p. 80-90
Journal article

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