Kelley Michelle Hess

Senior Researcher at Onsala Space Observatory

I am the Scientific Lead for the Swedish SKA Regional Center (SWE-SRC). My research interests are in environmentally-driven galaxy evolution, especially in the group and cluster environment. I'm an expert in extragalactic radio astronomy, but study galaxies, groups, and clusters from a multi-wavelength perspective. I'm a member of several small to large collaborations including CHILES, Apertif, WEAVE-Apertif, LADUMA, WALLABY, 4HS. I have also occasionally dabbled in OH megamasers, barred galaxies, extraplanar gas in galaxies. I contribute to developing software tools for spectral line surveys including leading the SoFiA Image Pipeline, and an Advanced Data Product pipeline for ALMA (under development).

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The discovery of a z = 0.7092 OH megamaser with the MIGHTEE survey

M.J. Jarvis, I. Heywood, Sophie M. Jewell et al
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Vol. 529 (4), p. 3484-3494
Journal article

The AMIGA sample of isolated galaxies - effects of environment on angular momentum

A. Sorgho, L. Verdes-Montenegro, Kelley Michelle Hess et al
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Vol. 528 (2), p. 1630-1654
Journal article

LOFAR discovery and wide-band characterisation of an ultra-steep spectrum AGN radio remnant associated with Abell 1318

A. Shulevski, M. Brienza, F. Massaro et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 682
Journal article

Formation of a Massive Lenticular Galaxy Under the Tidal Interaction with a Group of Dwarf Galaxies

Jin-Long Xu, Ming Zhu, Kelley Hess et al
Astrophysical Journal Letters. Vol. 958 (2)
Journal article

AMUSE-Antlia. I. Nuclear X-Ray Properties of Early-type Galaxies in a Dynamically Young Galaxy Cluster

Zhensong Hu, Yuanyuan Su, Zhiyuan Li et al
Astrophysical Journal. Vol. 956 (2)
Journal article

Apertif 1.4 GHz continuum observations of the Bo├Âtes field and their combined view with LOFAR

A. M. Kutkin, T. Oosterloo, R. Morganti et al
Astronomy and Astrophysics. Vol. 676
Journal article

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