Lei Xue

Doctoral Student at Communication and Antenna Systems

Lei Xue is from China. He received his BSc degree in communication engineering from Hunan University (HNU) in 2015 and the MSc in Information and Communication Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in 2018. His research focused on the high-speed passive optical network (PON) and short-reach optical transmission using low-cost optical signal processing. In 2018, he joined the Marie-Curie ITN 5G STEP-FWD program as a Ph.D. student at Chalmers University of Technology. Now he is working on mixed optical and electrical signal processing for next-generation low-cost high capacity PON.

Source: chalmers.se
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200 Gbps/lane IM/DD Technologies for Short Reach Optical Interconnects

Xiaodan Pang, Oskars Ozolins, Rui Lin et al
Journal of Lightwave Technology. Vol. 38 (2), p. 492-503
Journal article

Optics-simplified DSP for 50 Gb/s PON downstream transmission using 10 Gb/s optical devices

Lei Xue, Lilin Yi, Weisheng Hu et al
Journal of Lightwave Technology. Vol. 38 (3), p. 583-589
Journal article

50-Gb/S Dispersion-Unmanaged DMT Transmission with Injection Locked L0G-Class L.55-μm DML

Lei Xue, Lilin Yi, Lu Zhang et al
2019 Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics, CLEO 2019 - Proceedings
Paper in proceeding

50-Gb/s Dispersion-unmanaged DMT Transmission with Injection Locked 10G-class 1.55-mu m DML

Lei Xue, Lilin Yi, Lu Zhang et al
Paper in proceeding

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5G System Technological Enhancements Provided by Fiber Wireless Deployments

Paolo Monti Optical Networks
Lena Wosinska Optical Networks
Maryam Lashgari Optical Networks
Lei Xue Optical Networks
Jiajia Chen Optical Networks
European Commission (EC)

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