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Researcher at Algebra and geometry

Researcher in machine learning

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Finite-Time Lyapunov Exponents of Deep Neural Networks

L. Storm, Hampus Linander, J. Bec et al
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 132 (5)
Journal article

Bayesian Posterior Approximation With Stochastic Ensembles

Oleksandr Balabanov, Bernhard Mehlig, Hampus Linander
Proceedings of the IEEE Computer Society Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. Vol. 2023-June, p. 13701-13711
Paper in proceeding

Looking at the posterior: accuracy and uncertainty of neural-network predictions

Hampus Linander, Oleksandr Balabanov, Henry Yang et al
Machine Learning: Science and Technology. Vol. 4 (4)
Journal article

Geometric deep learning and equivariant neural networks

Jan E. Gerken, Jimmy Aronsson, Oscar Carlsson et al
Artificial Intelligence Review. Vol. In Press
Journal article

Equivariance versus Augmentation for Spherical Images

Jan Gerken, Oscar Carlsson, Hampus Linander et al
Proceedings of Machine Learning Research. Vol. 162, p. 7404-7421
Paper in proceeding

The non-linear coupled spin 2 - spin 3 Cotton equation in three dimensions

Hampus Linander, Bengt E W Nilsson
Journal of High Energy Physics. Vol. 2016 (7)
Journal article

Twisting and Turning in Six Dimensions

Hampus Linander
Licentiate thesis

The trouble with twisting (2,0) theory

Louise Anderson, Hampus Linander
Journal of High Energy Physics. Vol. 2014 (3), p. Art. no. 062-
Journal article

Off-shell structure of twisted (2,0) theory

Ulf Gran, Hampus Linander, Bengt E W Nilsson
Journal of High Energy Physics. Vol. 2014 (11)
Journal article

(2,0) theory on circle fibrations

Hampus Linander, Fredrik Ohlsson
Journal of High Energy Physics. Vol. 2012 (1), p. Article Number: 159 -
Journal article

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