Off-shell structure of twisted (2,0) theory
Journal article, 2014

A $Q$-exact off-shell action is constructed for twisted abelian (2,0) theory on a Lorentzian six-manifold of the form $M_{1,5} = C\times M_4$, where $C$ is a flat two-manifold and $M_4$ is a general Euclidean four-manifold. The properties of this formulation, which is obtained by introducing two auxiliary fields, can be summarised by a commutative diagram where the Lagrangian and its stress-tensor arise from the $Q$-variation of two fermionic quantities $V$ and $\lambda^{\mu\nu}$. This completes and extends the analysis in [arXiv:1311.3300].

Supersymmetric gauge theory

Duality in Gauge Field Theories

Field Theories in Higher Dimensions

Topological Field Theories


Ulf Gran

Chalmers, Fundamental Physics

Hampus Linander

Chalmers, Fundamental Physics

Bengt E W Nilsson

Chalmers, Fundamental Physics

Journal of High Energy Physics

1126-6708 (ISSN) 1029-8479 (eISSN)

Vol. 2014 11 32

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