Jelena Lovric

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DMSO Chemically Alters Cell Membranes to Slow Exocytosis and Increase the Fraction of Partial Transmitter Released

Soodabeh Majdi, Neda Najafinobar, Johan Dunevall et al
ChemBioChem. Vol. 18 (19), p. 1898-1902
Journal article

Nano Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Imaging of Dopamine Distribution Across Nanometer Vesicles

Jelena Lovric, Johan Dunevall, Anna Larsson et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 11 (4), p. 3446-3455
Journal article

Review of combined isotopic and optical nanoscopy

Katharina N. Richter, Silvio O. Rizzoli, Sebastian Jähne et al
Neurophotonics. Vol. 4 (2), p. 020901-
Journal article

Lithographic Microfabrication of a 16-Electrode Array on a Probe Tip for High Spatial Resolution Electrochemical Localization of Exocytosis

Joakim Wigström, Johan Dunevall, Neda Najafinobar et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 88 (4), p. 2080-2087
Journal article

Multimodal Imaging of Chemically Fixed Cells in Preparation for NanoSIMS

Jelena Lovric, Per Malmberg, Bengt R Johansson et al
Analytical Chemistry. Vol. 88 (17), p. 8841-8848
Journal article

On the mechanism of electrochemical vesicle cytometry: chromaffin cell vesicles and liposomes

Jelena Lovric, Neda Najafinobar, Johan Dunevall et al
Faraday Discussions. Vol. 193, p. 65-79
Journal article

Excited Fluorophores Enhance the Opening of Vesicles at Electrode Surfaces in Vesicle Electrochemical Cytometry

Neda Najafinobar, Jelena Lovric, Soodabeh Majdi et al
Angewandte Chemie - International Edition. Vol. 55 (48), p. 15081-15085
Journal article

The Effect of Excited Fluorophore on Vesicle Fusion at the Surface of the Electrode

Neda Najafinobar, Johan Dunevall, Jelena Lovric et al
Biophysical Journal. Vol. 108 (2), p. 239A-239A
Conference contribution

Characterizing the Catecholamine Content of Single Mammalian Vesicles by Collision-Adsorption Events at an Electrode

Johan Dunevall, Hoda Mashadi Fathali, Neda Najafinobar et al
Journal of the American Chemical Society. Vol. 137 (13), p. 4344-4346
Journal article

Analysis of liposome model systems by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry

Jelena Lovric, Jacqueline Keighron, Tina B. Angerer et al
Surface and Interface Analysis. Vol. 46 (S1), p. 74-78
Paper in proceedings

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