Mokhtar Mapar

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Effective Refractive Index and Lipid Content of Extracellular Vesicles Revealed Using Optical Waveguide Scattering and Fluorescence Microscopy

Deborah Rupert, Mokhtar Mapar, Ganesh V Shelke et al
Langmuir. Vol. 34 (29), p. 8522-8531
Journal article

Low-temperature fabrication and characterization of a symmetric hybrid organic–inorganic slab waveguide for evanescent light microscopy

Björn Agnarsson, Mokhtar Mapar, Mattias Sjöberg et al
Nano Futures. Vol. 2 (2)
Journal article

Spatiotemporal Kinetics of Supported Lipid Bilayer Formation on Glass via Vesicle Adsorption and Rupture

Mokhtar Mapar, Silver Jõemetsa, Hudson Pace et al
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Vol. 9, p. 5143-5149
Journal article

Extending charge separation lifetime and distance in patterned dye-sensitized SnO2–TiO2 µm-thin films

Valeria Saavedra, Elin Sundin, Mokhtar Mapar et al
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. Vol. 19 (34), p. 22684-22690
Journal article

Evanescent Light-Scattering Microscopy for Label-Free Interfacial Imaging: From Single Sub-100 nm Vesicles to Live Cells

Björn Agnarsson, Anders Lundgren, Anders Gunnarsson et al
ACS Nano. Vol. 9 (12), p. 11849-11862
Journal article

Plasmonic Nanopores in Metal-Insulator-Metal Films

Andreas Dahlin, Mokhtar Mapar, Kunli Xiong et al
Advanced Optical Materials. Vol. 2 (6), p. 556-564
Journal article

A comparative study of the mini-punch grafting and hair follicle transplantation in the treatment of refractory and stable vitiligo

M. Mapar, M. Safarpour, Mokhtar Mapar et al
Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Vol. 70 (4), p. 743-747
Journal article

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