Marlous van Dijk

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Nutrient-supplemented propagation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae improves its lignocellulose fermentation ability

Marlous van Dijk, Friederike Mierke, Yvonne Nygård et al
AMB Express. Vol. 10 (1)
Journal article

Small scale screening of yeast strains enables high-throughput evaluation of performance in lignocellulose hydrolysates

Marlous van Dijk, Ignatius Trollmann, Margarete Saraiva et al
Bioresource Technology Reports. Vol. 11
Journal article

Strain-dependent variance in short-term adaptation effects of two xylose-fermenting strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Marlous van Dijk, Borbála Erdei, Mats Galbe et al
Bioresource technology. Vol. 292, p. 121922-
Journal article

Metabolic engineering strategies for optimizing acetate reduction, ethanol yield and osmotolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

I. Papapetridis, Marlous van Dijk, A. van Maris et al
Biotechnology for Biofuels. Vol. 10 (1), p. Article Number: 107-
Journal article

Bottlenecks in lignocellulosic ethanol production: xylose fermentation and cell propagation

Marlous van Dijk, Lisbeth Olsson
European biomass conference 2017, 25th edition, June 12-15; Stockholm, Sweden.
Conference poster

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Bottlenecks in cellulosic ethanol production: xylose fermentation and cell propagation

Lisbeth Olsson Industrial Biotechnology
Marlous van Dijk Industrial Biotechnology
Yvonne Nygård Industrial Biotechnology
Swedish Energy Agency

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