Martin Ottersten

Doctoral Student at Fluid Dynamics

Martin is an industrial PhD student and started in spring 2017 with Professor Lars Davidson as his main supervisor. The goal in his project is to develop a numerical method to predict and minimize fan tonal noise. Focus is on Computational Aeroacoustics, CAA.

Martin is employed at Swegon where he has designed fans since 2011. Swegon is the market leader within energy efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems.

Project benefits are the energy saving in the ventilation system due to less pressure drop of silencers and better indoor environment because of the better perceived noise quality.

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Tonal Noise of Voluteless Centrifugal Fan Generated by Turbulence Stemming from Upstream Inlet Gap

Martin Ottersten, Huadong Yao, Lars Davidson
Physics of Fluids. Vol. 33 (7)
Journal article

Unsteady Simulation of Tonal Noise from Isolated Centrifugal Fan

Martin Ottersten, Huadong Yao, Lars Davidson

Unsteady simulation of tonal noise from isolated centrifugal fan

Martin Ottersten, Huadong Yao, Lars Davidson
Paper in proceeding

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Reduction of noise from centriugal fans

Lars Davidson Fluid Dynamics
Huadong Yao Fluid Dynamics
Martin Ottersten Fluid Dynamics

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