Samira Mousavi Nik

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Direct observation of the thickness distribution of ultra thin AlOx barriers in Al/AlOx/Al Josephson junctions

Lunjie Zeng, Samira Mousavi Nik, Tine Greibe et al
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. Vol. 48 (39)
Journal article

Monetite Superstructures Displaying Mineral Bridges and Chirality via Biomimetic Mineralization in Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Phases

Wenxiao He, Samira Mousavi Nik, Martin Andersson
Crystal Growth & Design. Vol. 15 (1), p. 5-9
Journal article

The atomic details of the interfacial interaction between the bottom electrode of Al/AlOx/Al Josephson junctions and HF-treated Si substrates

Lunjie Zeng, Philip Krantz, Samira Mousavi Nik et al
Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 117 (16)
Journal article

Electron microscopy of organic solar cells thermally stabilized with fullerene nucleating agents

Stefan Gustafsson, Olof Bäcke, Samira Mousavi Nik et al
Microscopy and Microanalysis. Vol. 20 (3), p. 398-399
Journal article

The Functional Microstructure of Al/AlOx/Al Tunnel Junctions

Samira Mousavi Nik
Doctoral thesis

Nanoscale interaction layer at the interface between Al films and SiO2 substrates of Al/AlOx/Al Josephson tunnel junctions

Lunjie Zeng, Tine Greibe, Samira Mousavi Nik et al
Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 113 (14), p. Art. no. 143905-
Journal article

A Method for Producing Site-Specific TEM Specimens from Low Contrast Materials with Nanometer Precision

Henrik Pettersson, Jonathan Weidow, Eva Olsson et al
Microscopy and Microanalysis. Vol. 19 (1), p. 73-78
Journal article

Room temperature dynamic life time measurements of ferroelectric varactors

Spartak Gevorgian, Andrei Vorobiev, Samira Mousavi Nik et al
Paper in proceeding

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