Nathan Porter

Post doc at Chalmers, Biology and Biological Engineering, Industrial Biotechnology

Nathan joined the Division of Industrial Biotechnology in June 2018 as a postdoctoral scientist. His work focuses on the ability of certain gut-dwelling bacteria (members of the Bacteroidetes phylum) to efficiently degrade plant biomass. The goal of his project is to engineer these bacteria using molecular biology to be able to harness them to turn inexpensive and sustainable sources of waste biomass into valuable products that are currently synthesized using fossil fuels.

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Microbial electro-assisted conversion of biomass to energy carriers

Johan Larsbrink Industrial Biotechnology
Yvonne Nygård Industrial Biotechnology
Nathan Porter Industrial Biotechnology
Soroush Saheb Alam Industrial Biotechnology


Development of a consolidated bioprocess for conversion of plant biomass to versatile chemical building blocks

Nathan Porter Industrial Biotechnology
Cathleen Kmezik Industrial Biotechnology
Johan Larsbrink Industrial Biotechnology
Novo Nordisk Fonden
Swedish Research Council (VR)

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