Niklas Hansson

Doctoral Student at Energy and Material

Niklas Hansson researches the safety of the Swedish final repository for nuclear waste. Working as a PhD student in the nuclear chemistry group, he investigates the oxidative dissolution of the nuclear fuel in case of a canister breach and water intrusion scenario. The main mechanism for the oxidation is through the formation of locally oxidizing conditions at the fuel surface through radiolysis. The focus in the work is to explain the effect of hydrogen, which has been shown to protect the UO2-surface from radiolytic oxidation.

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XPS study of external α-radiolytic oxidation of UO2 in the presence of argon or hydrogen

Niklas Hansson, Eric Tam, Christian Ekberg et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 543
Journal article

Alpha dose rate calculations for UO2 based materials using stopping power models

Niklas Hansson, Christian Ekberg, Kastriot Spahiu
Nuclear Materials and Energy. Vol. 22
Journal article

The interaction of molecular hydrogen with α-radiolytic oxidants on a (U,Pu)O2 surface

Lovisa Bauhn, Niklas Hansson, Christian Ekberg et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 505, p. 54-61
Journal article

The fate of hydroxyl radicals produced during H2O2 decomposition on a SIMFUEL surface in the presence of dissolved hydrogen

Lovisa Bauhn, Niklas Hansson, Christian Ekberg et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials. Vol. 507, p. 38-43
Journal article

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Undersökning av hur vätgas och alfastrålning vid en urandioxidyta påverkar radiolys och oxidation av uran

Christian Ekberg Energy and Material
Niklas Hansson Nuclear Chemistry
Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company

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