Eliott Jean Quentin Orzan

Doctoral Student at Applied Chemistry

Our research is focused on using materials derived from renewable resources to create high-performance tailored materials. Our goal is to produce lightweight porous structures useable as replacements for petroleum-based polymers in the sports and transportation sectors. Currently working to explore micro-organism functionality within material applications.

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Xylan-cellulose thin film platform for assessing xylanase activity

Jana B. Schaubeder, Jonas Ravn, Eliott Jean Quentin Orzan et al
Carbohydrate Polymers. Vol. 294
Journal article

Thermo-mechanical variability of post-industrial and post-consumer recyclate PC-ABS

Eliott Jean Quentin Orzan, Ratchawit Janewithayapun, Renaud Gutkin et al
Polymer Testing. Vol. 99
Journal article

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Upgrading of cellulose fibers into porous materials.Acronym: BreadCell

Tiina Nypelö Applied Chemistry
Cecilia Geijer Industrial Biotechnology
Lisbeth Olsson Industrial Biotechnology
João Heitor Colombelli Manfrão Netto Industrial Biotechnology
Eliott Jean Quentin Orzan Applied Chemistry
Susanne Ingmansson Extern samverkan, forsknings- och innovationsstöd
European Commission (EC)

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