Rasmus Einarsson

Doctoral Student at Physical Resource Theory 2

Rasmus Einarsson researches the mutual interaction between agriculture and the nitrogen cycle. Nitrogen an essential nutrient for all plants, but also the cause of many serious environmental problems. One aim of the research is to understand possible system effects if various technical and structural changes are made in agriculture: What would be the effects on production, costs, and the environment?

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Kreativ bokföring av jordbrukets utsläpp hjälper inte klimatet

Christian Azar, Rasmus Einarsson, Fredrik Hedenus et al
Dagens Nyheter (DN)
Newspaper article

Subnational nutrient budgets to monitor environmental risks in EU agriculture: calculating phosphorus budgets for 243 EU28 regions using public data

Rasmus Einarsson, Daniel Pitulia, Christel Cederberg
Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems
Journal article

Is the nitrogen footprint fit for purpose? An assessment of models and proposed uses

Rasmus Einarsson, Christel Cederberg
Journal of Environmental Management. Vol. 240, p. 198-208
Journal article

Healthy diets and sustainable food systems

Rasmus Einarsson, Gavin McCrory, Martin Persson
The Lancet. Vol. 394 (10194), p. 215-215
Introductory text in journal

Nitrogen flows on organic and conventional dairy farms: a comparison of three indicators

Rasmus Einarsson, Christel Cederberg, Jonatan Kallus
Nutrient Cycling in Agroecosystems, p. 1-14
Journal article

Nej, man behöver inte djuren för att få mat

Fredrik Hedenus, Rasmus Einarsson
Aftonbladet (18 december)
Magazine article

The nitrogen footprint - environmentally relevant?

Rasmus Einarsson, Christel Cederberg
Conference proceedings, Innovative solutions for sustainable management of nitrogen, p. 90-
Conference contribution

Estimating the EU biogas potential from manure and crop residues — A spatial analysis

Rasmus Einarsson, Martin Persson, Mikael Lantz et al

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