Robert Nilsson

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PU2B-model, connecting Human Factors and Systems Engineering for effective Product Development

Robert Nilsson, Lars-Ola Bligård
Other conference contribution

An experimental simulation study of advanced decision support system for ship navigation

Robert Nilsson, Tommy Gärling, Margareta Lützhöft
Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour. Vol. 12 (3), p. 188-197
Journal article

"What are your intentions?" - On Ship Bridge Decision Making

Robert Nilsson
Licentiate thesis

Fairway Navigation - Observing Safety-Related Performance in a Bridge Simulator

Robert Nilsson, Margareta Lützhöft, Tommy Gärling
Advances in marine navigation and safety of sea transportation, Weintrit, A. (Ed), TransNav 2007, Gdynia, Poland,, p. 63-68
Paper in proceeding

Damage Stability and Decision Support - How can we be better prepared and what questions do the teaching face?

Robert Nilsson, Olle Rutgersson
STAB 2006 Stability of Ships and Oceans Vehicles, 25-19 september, Marcello de Almeida Santos Neves. Vol. 2, p. 709-717
Paper in proceeding

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